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the pantanal is the world's largest wetland when 80% of the floodplains are submerged during the rainy seasons. this helps to support a dense array of animals.

 caracara, pantanal  caracara escaping, pantanal  relaxing in our pantanal lodge  dry season in the pantanal - this part is often completely under water!  green iguana, pantanal  hunted by a caiman, pantanal  getting close, pantanal  catching piranhas - fast and easy - in the pantanal rivers   sharp piranha teeth, pantanal  playing around with the caimans, pantanal  our relaxing pantanal lodge garden  blue macaws, pantanal  armadillo (gürteltier) pantanal  black kingfisher, pantanal  with guy from england, pantanal  pantanal  riding through the pantanal  riding through the pantanal  a jabiru couple, pantanal  capybara, pantanal  green iguana, pantanal  another day fishing for piranhas, pantanal  the piranhas - from eating to beeing eaten...  endless pantanal road - but beware of otter crossing!  yet another otter, pantanal